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Global Differential GPS System
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Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Services for Natural Hazard Prediction and Monitoring

Services offered

  • Real-time, high-rate (1 Hz) position data stream with covariances from 250+ GNSS sites from the combined global networks of the GDGPS System and its partners. See map below.
  • We offer to process real-time GPS measurements from qualified GPS receivers, automatically estimate its coordinates at 1 Hz using the highly accurate GDGPS real-time orbit and clock states, and provide its positioning solutions as a real-time data stream, with a total latency of a few seconds.

Targeted Partner Agencies

These services are offered free of charge to national and international agencies responsible for natural hazard prediction and monitoring, such as issuing tsunami alerts, or earthquake damage assessment.

To Participate, either as a recipient of positioning data and/or as a contributor of GPS measurements, please contact:
Dr. Yoaz Bar-Sever
Manager, Global Differential GPS System
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This service is jointly sponsored by the GREAT (GPS Real Time Earthquake and Tsunami) Alert Project and the GDGPS System

Real-time GNSS
Products & Services
Precise, Global, Reliable
- Embedded Autonomous Ephemeris Prediction (AEP) software
- Orbit & Clock Corrections
- Orbit & Clock States
- Broadcast Ephemeris & Almanac
- Complete 50 bps Navigation Message
- Global Ionospheric (TEC) Maps
- Raw Measurements
- Predicted Orbit & Clock States
- Integrity & Performance Monitoring
- Global Virtual Reference Network
- Assisted GNSS Data
- GLONASS corrections, orbit and clocks

- Automatic Precise Positioning Service
- Consulting
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